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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 8, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. i thought this baby is going to die in my arms. >> he rescued a three-month-old baby left in a locked car in 90-degree heat. now his shock as that child's father avoids charges. the morning commute may be wet. topper is tracking possible thunderstorms. the phenom dazzles in his nats debut. we have highlights and reaction. this is 9news more. 14 strikeouts, reality set in as strasburg kept a crowd on his feet. >> and thousands and thousands came out for the widely anticipated debut of the 21-year-old believed to be one of the all time grates. sports director -- greats. sports director brett haber is there and clearly the fans got their money worth tonight. >> reporter: they did, derek. in a word, he was filthy. in terms of the crowd here at nationals park, remember how the pope held mass here two years
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ago. tonight steven strasburg out drew the holy father. that is what a big deal this game was to fans in washington and the kids lived up to the billing. it was a day that was long anticipated after getting drafted a year ago. strasburg makes his major league debut and came out of the gate like a man possessed. struck out six of the nine batters he faced with a fast ball that reached 99 and a curve ball that buckled the pirates knees. he did get touched up for a two-run homerun but that was strasburg's only blemish as he went seven innings and struck out 14 batters and won his big league debut 5-2. not bad for a trial run, hey? >> i didn't have any expectations going into the game. i didn't know what i was going to be and i really wanted to go out there and soak it all in and just enjoy it. definitely icing on the cake to
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go out there and get a win. >> reporter: for fans tonight, it was not just a win. it was a celebration of this franchise and potential. a celebration that transcended baseball. dave owens was roaming the stands as the kid made his debut. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: at 6:24 he walked out and immediately became a rock star. >> when you first saw him, what did you think? >> wow. bigger than i thought he was. >> reporter: fans clammered to see his warmup. >> i got video of him. >> reporter: the working press ready to document every move. >> i'm not sure one player has ever garnered this kind of attention for one game. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: for a strikeout, the plate erupted. >> that was the best, man. that's just what we wanted. >> reporter: nats park was packed. you could barely walk through the mezzanine. >> so when was the last time all of these seats up here were filled? well, it's been awhile. but these fans say to get a glimpse of strasburg all the way
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down there, well, it's worth it. >> reporter: anything with strasburg's name r likeness was a hot item. >> he better have a card for me. >> reporter: and cost didn't matter. when it was all said and done, ovation from the crowd and praise from a former coach and hall of famer. >> and i think today he's showing people why everybody has such high hopes for him. >> reporter: welcome to the show. strasburg was the show. dave owens, 9news now. >> reporter: dave, thank you. we will be back later in the hour with more in depth highlights from strasburg's performance plus more analysis from inside the nationals locker room. for now we're live at the ballpark. i'm brett haber. 14 ks, guys. how about that. >> two-thirds of the batters he faced. amazing stuff. >> thanks, brett. in virginia tonight, the results are in in the close re watched republican -- closely watched primary. it turned into a bit of a laufr.
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keith fimian beat gary conley. fimian had a 21-point lead over harry. back in 2008, conley beat fimian. jay patrick murray beat matthew berry. another primary result district one saw incumbent gop lawmaker robert whitman wipeout catherine crabill. despite the poll that showed the voters, republicans were angry at the incumbent and enthusiastic about voting, it ranged from 2-3%. but virginia was just one of a dozen states holding primary elections tonight. and while some are over by now,
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actual winners remain in short supply. gary nurenberg is here to explain how that could be. gary. >> reporter: well, derek, it ain't over until it's over and it ain't over yet as the polls closed east and west across the country. south carolina made news first denying incumbent republican forcing him into a runoff to keep his job. and in the governor's race there, nicki haley fighting charges of affairs also goes to a runoff for the republican nomination to opposed democrat chain who won the democratic nod. in california, the governor is being terminated by term limits. .com millionaire meg whitman the front runner to replace him and face democrat jerry brown in the fall. republican see some high profile democratic senators has being vulnerable. >> this is a year when having senator attached to your name is not a good way to be -- to have
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a good start in a campaign. because people are just furious. >> reporter: so republicans are choosing cans to take on harry reid in nevada and barbara boxer in california. another business woman has spent millions of her own money in that race. >> thanks for what you do. >> reporter: in arkansas, blanch lincoln is fighting for her political life in a runoff against bill halter. at 10:55 tonight, they call it a lincoln. halter has not yet conceded. we'll watch that, derek and anita, over the next few minutes. california closed just as brett haber was saying hello from nationals park. we'll bring you any updates. >> thank you, we look forward to that. no charges are being brought against a father who left his three-month-old in his car. police are telling brittany morehouse they don't have enough evidence to charge the parents.
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>> it was one of those things where you had to do something quick. >> reporter: so quick it's probably the fastiest reaction this father of two has ever made. but two minutes of forever impact. >> and i thought this baby is going to die in my arms. >> reporter: tom is reliving last friday when he parked outside the sport and health in gaithersburg. he saw a baby in the back seat of this volkswagen. beads of sweat pouring down her head. >> the sun was traling east to west -- traveling east to west perfectly in line with the rear of the car. it was just really heating up that car. >> reporter: he used a jack handle to break the window and later police found the father inside the gym. >> i saw the father sitting there and he was in the cruiser. he just looked kind of stoic. >> reporter: investigators say it was all a mistake. >> they did not know the baby was in the back seat of the car. they had been on a trip running some errands earlier in the day, had come home. he ran in to get like a bottle
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of water to go to the gym and she ran in and they both left the child in the car at the same time not either thinking one had the baby or the other had the baby. and then he left. >> how did he knot know the baby was in the car. >> they just questioned the situation with the father. >> how can you not realize there is a kid in the car? >> it sounds surreal. >> reporter: yet it can happen and does. his daughter's teacher told him the same thing happened years back to a principal. >> he didn't even know the baby was in the bar and he left the baby in the car and it died. >> reporter: what does maryland law say ? it says you can't leave a child eight years or younger alone in a car and the person is subjected to a $500 fine and jail time. of course prosecution is the state's attorney and they have to prove intent. meantime the parents have not contacted the man and as it turns out this is not the first time he saved a life at that very same gym.
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at the same time he helped revive another man who collapsed of a heart attack while running on the treadmill. turning now to the disaster in the gulf, bp is dialing back its earlier assertion that the blow will be reduced to a relative trickle by next week. it will take more time to get to that point. meantime the crew continues to have a dramatic impact on wild life and experts say only 10-20% of oiled birds will ever be found. noaa, the federal agency that monitors the oceans, confirms there is at least one massive under water oil plume. they say it has thinned dispersed oil but scientists who discover it see big trouble. >> it's an infusion of oil and gas unlike anything else that has ever been seen anywhere. >> a relief well to stop the oil flow is expected to be finished in august. the leak started 50 days ago after an oil rig exploded killing 11 workers off the coast.
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president obama plans to visit the region yet again last week. national airport witnesses a bizarre plane crash but a passenger recording it all. plus only on 9, an interview with a man whose legs were crushed in a hit and run accident. we with live with expanded kofrnl. and i'm meteorologist topper shot, we'll take you out with the wake up weather. i think it's going to be dry by 8:00 in the morning although rain will be on the doorstep. temperatures kind of on the cool side. low to mid 60s downtown. we'll come back. i made some dra mate i can changes to the -- dramatic changes to the forecast. we'll have the forecast in full. stay tunld.
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and that works for me. more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card. ed. a 15-year-old is dead tonight after a u.s. border patrol agent shot and killed the teenager. it happened last night during a confrontation at an international bridge near downtown el paso. one of the agents fired a gun killing the young victim. officials have not said if the teen was part of the group assaulting the agents. the fbi is now leading the investigation. the long time suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway has told the police he did kill a young peruvian woman in a fit of rage.
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a newspaper in peru reports vandersloot became angry when he found out the victim had looked up information about him on his laptop without his permission. it reports vandersloot confessed to grabbing her by her neck and hitting her. police found flores dead inside a hotel room. meantime, that discovery came exactly five years after holloway disappeared while vacationing in aruba. they arrested him twice in the case but they released him for lack of evidence. today holloway's mother was in dc helping to open a new center for finding missing persons. it's at the national museum of crime and punishment. >> there are many, many others, many missing, hundreds missing in the united states alone whose names and faces will never appear in the media. >> beth holloway could not comment on her daughter's case or the resent developments. she says people should keep the flores family in their hearts and prayers, however. a reporter covering a story
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found himself in the middle of it strapped in a harness hanging upside down with a plane crash video to prove it. ashley was the only passenger in a 1943 biplane. that plane and others were flying into reagan national to report a new film. as the plane landed, it literally flipped over. here is the play-by-play. >> i could hear the propel lore crunch as it touched the car mack and then the plane flipped over and the pilot -- we were hanging upside down on our shoulder harnesses. the pilot jumped out and said are you okay, and i said, yes, i'm fine. >> the pilot was a little shaken up. the accident shut down a main runway for an hour and a half. only on 9, a high powered speedboat hits a swimmer and then speeds away. the life and death drama happened on the chesapeake bay.
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he decided to anchor his sail boat and jump into the water for a swim. he had about three seconds from the time he saw the boat bearing down on him before he was actually hit. >> i swam towards my boat to the left but tried to just go out of his path. i tried to just get out of his path. and it was boom, boom. and next thing you know, i was just floating. i'm going to die. that was what i was thinking. a few more minutes i'll be out of blood. i was losing strength. i'm going to die. >> gentile's legs were crushed. he says he was near death by the time the maryland natural resources police and the coast guard got to him. they have now issued an alert for a white 21-foot donzi speedboat with beige or champaign trim. now from tonight, the archdiocese is remembering a local priest who was murdered in his rekt re ten years ago today.
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the archbishop led a memorial mass on the sight where it took place. that rekt re was torn down during the death. we spoke with his nephew david who will be ordained as a priest later this month. >> his joy was really bringing people to god and i think that's something that i just would like to continue on. >> the man convicted of killing wells, robert lucas, remains in prison. tough decisions in montgomery county today. school board members had to cut $160 million from the budget. now, the county will save 16 million by increasing the average class size by one child. $9 million in savings come from textbook cuts and extra kruk lar activities -- extracurricular activity buses have been eliminated. 450 positions are also being eliminated, including an art
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position. today former students went to bat for the program, but board members say there is nothing more than they can do to save it. >> it's just upsetting the whole thing to me and i want to do everything i can to save it. >> the board says it is hoping to minimize layoffs through retirements and attrition. teachers who plan to retire must notify the system by july 15th. top, we're missing some massive changes. >> no rain tomorrow? >> no, not that massive. >> that would be nice. >> we can always try. >> the massive changes we've actually raised temperatures tomorrow and we actually are sort of on the edge of the chance a slight risk of severe weather. here is your forecast first. the next three days, temperatures tomorrow should make it into the 70s. we may see a little sun in between the rain showers in the morning and the thunderstorms in the afternoon and then really hasn't changed thursday. warmer, nice, back up to 84. we lowered friday a little bit but a beautiful day. temperatures also about 84 and celebrate fairfax gets under way
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friday evening. tonight increasing cloudiness. still cool. winds southeasterly at ten. but it stays dry through tonight. now, tomorrow morning a little different story. mostly cloudy and cool. showers, light rain possible. temperatures start out in the and 60s. and winds are more easterly or southeasterly at about ten. air quality good. the code green, that's a good thing. i think the rain showers will hold off until just a tail end of the rush hour. if you're early rush hour person, you'll probably make it to work before the showers roll in. by afternoon variable cloudiness. maybe a thunderstorm possible. a slight risk some of those could be hefty. the best chance is actually west of town out towards winchester. high temperatures 75-80 so we raise the temps a little bit. winds out of the south to southwest 10-15. these are the showers i want you to focus on because this is what is going to roll in tomorrow morning kind of in the form of a stable air mass. once that goes through, the warm front will pop north of us and we'll probably get the sort of
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semi unstable sector of air and that will give us a chance for thunderstorms as we get into tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. temperatures then mid to upper 70s. pretty much across the board from rockville over towards fairfax. a little bit warmer. the zone forecast, again, showers and thunderstorms possible in oakland and cumberland. i think you guys will hold in the 60s to 70s. but plenty of upper 70s to culpeper and mid to upper 70s downtown. there are a few advisories on the water for parts of the bay for the tidal potomac as well. now, the next seven days, 79 tomorrow. rain or showers in the morning and then we may end the day with a thunderstorm. warmer on thursday. 84. we lowered friday a bit back to 84 but still a very nice day. weekend still a little unsettled. some showers possible on saturday. not a huge deal. but sunday still looks kind of wet, particularly in the morning. temperatures still in the 80s. that may be high on sunday. low 80s on monday and tuesday and more storms possible on monday and of course celebrate fairfax starts friday afternoon and evening. >> amend we'll be out there.
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>> yes -- and we'll be out there. >> yes, we will. more on strasburg right after the break. brett haber is live out in nationals park. how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier.
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and welcome back to nationals park, everybody. would steven strasburg live up to the hype? it's hard to imagine leading up to this major league debut tonight. but after watching him pitch this evening and dominate this evening, you kind of have to admit he did live up to it. strasburg was introduced to a standing ovation. his first major league pitch. a 97-mile an hour fast ball, and when the umpire called it a ball the crowd booed. they wouldn't be booing for long. over his first three innings he struck out six of the first nine pirates he faced. his fast ball touching 99. his curve just filthy. he had a one hitter through three. he got the offensive support from the nats original franchise ryan zimmerman with a solo blast. but it would not keep.
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fourth inning with a man on first, strasburg gets taken deep himself with a two-run monster shot to right center. pittsburgh takes the lead. but the kid bounced back. this in the 6th fanning andrew to strike out the side and then he did it again in the 7th. a filthy 14 ks for strasburg. and adam dunn upper right nats up 3-2. and the next batter josh willingham makes it back-to-back. strasburg leaves after seven. gets the win with a 5-2 final and had this to say after the game. >> there were a lot of fans there. it was a great atmosphere. it really felt like everybody was pulling for me. i had them by my side and i just went out there and had fun. >> for him to respond that way was -- it was just a great night for baseball in washington for what he did.
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>> considering all of the fanfare surrounding this game tonight, most observers agreed that it was amazing how composed strasburg remained from start to finish in this game. and speaking of the finish, steven got not just one, not just two, but three shaving cream pies to the mug after it was over. here is what his teammates thought of steve's debut. >> for him to come out and do what he did and stay as calm as he did and stick to his game plan, i think him and fuzz did a great job together and it was fun to watch. >> i've played in front of crowds that big but i think the way they were handling every pitch, especially that he threw, was pretty amazing. >> unbelievable. unreal. >> i know how hard he's worked and how bad he wanted it so i'm pretty fired up for it. >> the line on strasburg seven innings, four hits, two earned runs, 14 strikeouts and even better, no walks. he threw 94 pitches. 65 for strikes. and except for the one homerun,
11:27 pm
he was basically untouchable. strasburg's next scheduled start would be on sunday as the nats resume interleague play against the cleveland indians and former nationals manager manny acta. one other quick sports note, the sale of the wizards was finalized today. the sale approved unanimously by the nba board of governors. that is the story from here, guys. strasburg 14 ks and a win in his big league debut. we knew he was going to be sick, guys, but he was even sicker than we thought. >> i have to have a sense of the level of energy. we could hear them cheer but being in the middle must have been something. >> other than the day the stadium opened three days ago, i have never heard it as live taz was tonight. they -- as it was tonight. they were on the edge of the seat. every time he struck somebody out, they went up. >> what about games coming up, what is it going to be like? >> reporter: i think he hopes
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it settles into something more normal, but i doubt it. >> okay. thanks a lot. we'll be right back. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before.
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that is 9news for tonight. don't fear get we're always on for you at letterman is up next. have a good one.
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